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bushido academy of martial arts

Welcome to Bushido Canterbury

Martial arts fuelled by a warriors mind


Bushido Academy of Martial Arts (B.A.M.A)

Is predominantly a karate based school although there are many paths for you to take (Sword, Budo, Zen etc). Here at Bushido Canterbury the focus is towards Aikido Te and self defence.


Aikido Te

Aikido-Te is a truly effective combat style that is centred on the manipulation of the opponents energy. It unleashes the latent destructive power of traps, locks, throws, holds and subjugations, and is further enhanced by the inclusion of dynamic striking techniques found in karate.

Aikido-Te provides the students with a street combat-ready style, which can evolve to deal with any attack / situation in modern day society, rather than adhering to concepts of defence and movement which are no longer applicable today.

bushido academy of martial arts